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Imagine having the ability to create a complete professional profile that highlights both your skills and soft skills. 

92% of recruiters said that soft skills are more important than technical skill

This skills are becoming increasingly vital in the workplace.


Easier, Impossible!

We allow you to import your LinkedIn to make everything much easier and faster – don’t forget to take your personality test! Recruiters also like to know what kind of people you are at work.

Soft Skills

The ability to add soft skills is an important differentiator. This allows users to highlight their interpersonal, communication and leadership skills, which are essential in many professions.


Users can access and edit their CV from different devices, such as computers, tablets and cell phones. This ensures that they can work on their profile anytime, anywhere.

- soft skills

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Soft Skills are the perfect complement


Amplify the impact of your resume by adding your personality and soft skills. Showing you are not just skilled but much more than that.


They enjoy opportunities to demonstrate their expertise and share the quality of their work.


They purpose environmental challengues in an outoging, enthusiastic and optimistic manner. 


They enjoy opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and share the quality of their work.


They excel at cooperation and are often described as “calm” or “patient”.