Perfomance Evaluation

- Measure your Company's Objectives

Prosfy OKR software helps goals oriented companies create, communicate and achieve remarkable results. Help your employees discover their strengths and improve their weaknesses, as well as improve their performance evaluation.

Grow 10x with OKRS

Get a guided demo with and OKR expert. 

A Straightforward Structure for Powerful Results

Objectives and Key Results. Easy to learn, simple to use and powerful enough to drive entire organizations to achieve remarkable results.

Improve Job Satisfaction by 15%

Focusing on goals and open communication can improve job satisfaction by 15%, as employees feel valued and engaged.

Adopt a Platform that Assesses Performance Through OKRs and 1:1 Meetings.

Experience tangible improvements in alignment, communication, professional development and job satisfaction. Contributes to a stronger work culture and positive business results.

Get your Meetings More Effective

- 1:1 meetings


Encourage communication. Provide a space for your employees to freely express themselves. 


Improve perfomance. The 1:1 meetings encourage an open and continuous dialogue on progress and challenges.


Job Satisfaction. Focusing on goals and open communication can improve job satisfaction by 15%.

Perception of Development Opportunities Increases by 18%

By discussing goals and objectives in 1:1 meetings, employees can identify opportunities for growth. This can lead to an increase in perceived development opportunities by 18%.

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