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For years, career growth has been based on subjective and random decisions. With Prosfy, you can quantify your talent, analyse your skills and decide your career path based on real labour market data.

Up to 40% of professionals report difficulties in finding a clear direction in their professional growth.

This obstacle can lead to confusion and lack of motivation.

boost your professional growth

Find out how our big data tool helps you analyse your skills and measure your progress in the labour market.

Salary Calculator

What should be my salary? If you often ask yourself this question, Prosfy will help you find out what your market value is.

CV Digital

Boost your brand’s resume impact. Amplify the impact of your resume by adding your personality and soft skills.

Market Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Discover the analytics that will help you improve your professional growth.

Discover your salary

Are you tired of thinking that your current job doesn’t value you? Personalise your profile, quantify your talent and and find out what your real compensation should be.

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Add Soft Skills to your CV Digital

We know it’s tempting to list only your certifications and shining achievements, but trust me, recruiters and employers also want to know what kind of person you are to work for.





Explore the job market and find out which skills are most valued.

Are you ready to find out which skills and competencies are most valued today?
Prosfy will help you discover the requirements to excel in the job market and get the job that best suits your interests and skills.