How much does a Devops Egineer make in Germany?

(Mid level 3-5 years)*

 The base salary for a DevOps in Germany is  per month is €6,909. Click here to expand this information.

- DevOps Engineer Salary By Experience

One of the most influential factors on your salary is undoubtedly your level of experience. This logic is undeniable: the more experience you accumulate as an web developer, the more knowledge you will possess and, therefore, the higher your salary expectations will be.

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(Junior 0-3 years)*
(Mid Level 3-5 years)*
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(Senior 5+ years)*

- devops engineer salaries by location

Where you live can also influence how much you earn as an DevOps Engineer. In general, working for companies located in large cities tends to be associated with higher salaries:

- Highest Demand skills

- responsabilities

The responsibilities of an artificial intelligence (AI) engineer may vary by company, project and level of experience, but generally include the following*: